Unleashing Site Potential

Life is becoming more intelligent as science and technology develops. Connections between people, as well as between people and things, are also becoming closer and more harmonious. To further strengthen these connections for mobile users, operators must build new sites to optimize network coverage and accommodate the sustained increase in MBB traffic. A major issue is unequal site distribution around the world. For example, the number of sites per capita in densely-populated regions such as Latin America is far below the world average. It is estimated that global site numbers will double over the next 5 years with the explosive development of MBB. However, operators still face the following four challenges:

  • High population density in major cities, greatly suppressing hotspot capacity
  • High cost and shortage of spectrum resources
  • High cost and lengthy time of new site acquisition in dense and urban areas
  • Low population and income in rural areas, leading to an extremely low IRR (<10%)

Huawei addresses these challenges by creating multiple sector and channel solutions to maximize existing site capacity, as well as agile solutions to simplify site acquisition and adapt to various deployment scenarios. This improves network coverage, capacity, and ultimately, ROI. IRR is significantly improved with the rapid deployment of networks in rural areas, thanks to wide-coverage sites.

Business Value


Site Ecosystems

Activate silent assets and resolve site location issues


Multi-layer Network

Change network rolling-out mode from flat to multi-dimension resolves capacity, intensive coverage, experience issues, and improves ROI


Efficiency Improvement

Innovative solution improving spectral efficiency maximize efficiency of inventory sites; Rural network solution achieving deployment of profitable low-cost rural networks

Success Stories

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