Efficient Home Broadband Deployment


Efficient Home Broadband Deployment

According to ITU, 151 countries have released national broadband plans. However, by the end of 2016, over 50% of households worldwide had no broadband access. Research indicates that around one-third of users are not satisfied with current home broadband coverage, and most are willing to pay for better quality services. Therefore, operators should continue investing in the home broadband market.

Operators can deploy home broadband efficiently with WTTx and FTTx, making seamless home Wi-Fi connectivity the foundation of other high-value service offerings such as Smart Home.

Business Value


Shorten Payback Period

Reduce FTTx payback period through high-value user identification, efficient network deployment & faster service provisioning


Efficient Modernization with Existing Resource

Achieve efficient fixed network modernization by utilizing existing resources: co refarming & one-stop series broadband solutions


Extending Home Network Market

Visible and manageable seamless Wi-Fi coverage makes proactive O&M possible, enabling operators to extend home network market

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