Enabling Indoor Digital Business


Enabling Indoor Digital Business

enabling indoor digital business

With 70% of data traffic generated indoors, improving indoor experience is crucial for operators to retain high-value users and attract new ones. Developments in various indoor network services demand higher service requirements, with traditional voice and browsing habits, increased OTT and video services, and other applications needing better indoor networks.

Huawei’s Indoor Digitalization Solution comprises a suite of services for products and services for operators, tower operators, and enterprises to meet an array of needs. These include basic communication, VAS, IoT, and office communications for public and business users. With the solution, operators can ensure better connectivity for digital business success in indoor scenarios.

Business Value


The Best Indoor Experience

Enhancing the indoor user experience, releasing the suppression of traffic, and effectively reducing the indoor cost per bit, supporting the future of high-definition interactive business experience


Activating Shared Ecology

Through the indoor sharing of ecology, to help operators achieve cost sharing, and solve the problem of site access; attracting third-party capital to participate in indoor investment, sharing indoor digital dividends


Opening Pipeline Capacity

Through the provision of innovative indoor digital applications, to achieve value-added pipeline and data realization; reducing the difficulty of the site requirement of the high-value buildings, developing the vertical enterprise market

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