Exploring Value for Growth

Exploring Value for Growth

Operators should explore new MBB growth in three areas: one, accelerate user migration progress and enhance valuable user’s experience; two, maximize network provisioning and monetize traffic to solve heavy 3G traffic suppression and light 4G loads; and, three, host digital clouds to accelerate digital transformation.

For home broadband market, Huawei helps operators to optimize ROI in three ways. First, Select the potential segment customers, differentiation marketing to boost take-up rate. Second, locate high-value areas to speed up network rollout, reuse existing infrastructure to support Multi-service promotion. Last, use third-party resources to accelerate network rollout and reduce TTM.

Business Value


Precise Investment

Identify valuable user and to invest accurately based on valuable user’s experience


ROI Optimization

ROI Optimization :Fixed-mobile convergence and 3rd party resource utilization to accelerate network deployment while shorten TTM



Multi-service: Offer MBB, FBB convergence package and other Multi-service bundle to increase revenue

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