Innovation Inspiring New Growth - Huawei

Innovation Inspiring New Growth

As a strategic partner, Huawei provides innovative scenario-based business solutions tapping into the potential of connectivity and helping customers resolve pain points, expand commercial boundaries, and achieve business success Huawei is dedicated to delivering better services for individuals, homes, and enterprises promoting social progress and business growth and building a fully connected, intelligent world.

Hot Topic

  • IoT Cloud Services Accelerate Business Success

    As the global IoT industry gains traction, IoT has become a strategic basic business for telecom carriers. IoT-based smart cities will be the largest market for global carriers to grow their IoT business. Huawei's global IoT cloud services and Glocal ecosystem will help carriers quickly access and deploy IoT services, and accelerate their business success in IoT

  • Cloud Network Convergence

    The cloud can serve as the unified platform and portal for carrier B2B services. Cloud-network synergy supports one-stop new B2B services that integrate the cloud, networks, and X, helping carriers build competitive strengths and develop new business models. This will enable new growth in B2B services and open up a new era for B2B

  • Energizing B2C Growth

    Operators face stagnating development of the MBB user base and 2C business revenue. Huawei's personal mobile business solutions accelerate the upgrade of MBB services and promote traffic and value monetization, increasing revenue and investment efficiency.

  • 5-Star Premium Home Broadband

    Huawei's exclusive solutions, such as Flex-PON, QuickODN, NCE, and APS, help carriers build cost-effective yet five-star quality 10 Gbit/s all-optical networks. The five-star quality HBB rating system was released by the IHS after a lot of end user experience analysis.