Premium Private Lines, Driving New Growth of B2B Services

Premium Private Lines, Driving New Growth of B2B Services

With the digital transformation and cloudification of enterprises, the number of private line connections and needed bandwidth will increase exponentially. Some industries may raise demanding SLA requirements for private line services, such as online duration, availability, latency, flexible bandwidth, and self-service performance. Operators can upgrade their networks to provide premium private line services to meet the differentiated requirements of enterprise customers in different industries and drive the new growth of B2B services.

Huawei is poised to become the enabler of leased line service growth for operators, continuously innovating service models and expanding business scenarios to build best-experience, agile B2B leased line services. Huawei is committed to working with operators to develop leased lines for cloud services, reshape traditional leased lines, and expand B2B boundaries, driving B2B service growth.

Business Value


Zero-Touch Service Provisioning

Service deployment in a day and service provisioning in minutes


Secure Enterprise Connection

Seamless multi-service conversion for fast cloud-network interconnection


Elastic Scaling

Open APIs for cloud service integration


Any Media Access

All-scenario access through PON/IPRAN/OTN/SD-WAN

Related Solutions

Agile IP Private Line Solution

To meet enterprise needs, Huawei IP private line solution uses SRv6 and SDN technologies to lower the technical demands of private lines for intermediate networks. This enables telecom carriers to fully utilize existing networks and quickly access IP private line services to get a head start. With SRv6-TE technology, resources are visualized across the entire network, and enterprise private line SLAs can be guaranteed on demand to help carriers deliver high-quality IP private line services.

Premium OTN Private Line

High-value enterprise private line users feature high ARPU, low churn rate, and great service growth potential. In addition, private line services may foster other ICT services, helping operators increase revenue.

PON Private Line Solution

Based on the existing FTTx access network, the Huawei passive optical network (PON) solution makes full use of one fiber access and bears multiple services in a high bandwidth. Built on a flat network, this enterprise access solution features low latency, fast construction, quality service experience, high reliability, and efficient O&M.


Application-based intelligent path selection and acceleration, a full series of open universal customer premises equipment (uCPE), and cloud-based visualized O&M provide WAN interconnection with ultimate experience for enterprises.


CloudCampus provides full wireless access of enterprise campus LAN networks, full lifecycle cloud management, and multi-purpose networks, enabling carriers to generate more revenue from B2B services.