Experience-driven Operations

As we enter an intelligent world, broadband will be more than network connections; it will become a cornerstone of the intelligent world. The whole broadband industry is booming. However, the broadband industry still faces great development challenges. From an end user perspective, broadband experience urgently needs improvement as home broadband is increasingly enabled by Wi-Fi networks, and video and virtual reality (VR) services continue to develop. Against this backdrop, Huawei has proposed experience-driven operations.

The first goal must be to build a visualized, manageable, and operable home network, and improve the connection experience by improving Wi-Fi access quality at home. Experiences with broadband services such as video, VR, gaming, and private lines also need to be improved. The focus of operators should shift from building pipes to building platforms to establish their unique broadband service models. Huawei also suggests operators improve their end-to-end process when facing end users and improve user experience and satisfaction. Approaching this from multiple dimensions, such as business, network assurance, and services, will make broadband services more competitive.

Business Value


Visualizing User Experience

Build a visualized, manageable, and operable home network, and enhance connection experience by improving Wi-Fi access quality at home

技术 设置

Customizing User Experience

Build best-experience home networks through self-service network configuration


Expanding Home Network Market

Enable visible and manageable seamless Wi-Fi coverage to make proactive O&M possible, allowing operators to expand home network market

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