Value-driven Network Deployment

Value-driven Network Deployment

The whole broadband industry is booming, while operators still face great challenges in home network development. The payback period of broadband investment is long, especially in developing countries, and as the last mile remains challenging, network operation efficiency is low. Against this backdrop, Huawei has proposed value-driven network deployment. It is key for operators to focus on return on investment (ROI) and achieve precise investment, network deployment, and operations to shorten the payback period.

Specifically, operators can adopt big data technologies to achieve precise investment and planning, targeting high-value regions and users. For the last mile, operators can use any medium such as optical fiber, copper, and wireless to increase broadband speeds while achieving the optimal total cost of ownership (TCO). For the backhaul, operators can take several measures, such as fixed-mobile synergy, infrastructure sharing, and creation of industry alliances, to share benefits and fully collaborate with other industries. In addition, operators can introduce a lightweight operation support system, a home pass map, and other solutions for quicker broadband service provisioning, a higher rate of user broadband installation, and a shorter payback period.

Business Value


Precise Investment

Big data technologies to achieve precise investment and planning, targeting high-value areas and users


Efficient Network Deployment

Fixed-mobile synergy and infrastructure sharing to accelerate network deployment and shorten the payback period


Fast Service Provisioning

Lightweight OSS and home pass map to achieve fast broadband service provisioning

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