Success Story-Beijing Nation Stadium


Success Story-Beijing Nation Stadium

On August 22, 2015, tens of thousands of spectators gathered in Beijing National Stadium (Bird Nest), in the rich atmosphere of modern art, enjoyed the passion feast of flying dream theme - 2015 World Athletics Championships opening ceremony, this is Bird Nest held the global international sports events once again after the 2008 Olympic Games.

Huawei has helped Top 2 Operators in Beijing to cope with large traffic challenge during 2015 World Athletics Championships’ opening ceremony, the wireless network performance is good.

2015 World Athletics Championships’ opening ceremony

The digital signature of sports events shows that real-time viewing and sharing has become an important part of sports events. During the opening ceremony, tens of thousands of audience intensive use of Wechat and other applications, upload massive pictures and video, share the passion of the scene. According to statistics, the total flow of 4G data is as high as 453GB.

Based on the Brazil World Cup Stadium, Iceland Korinn stadium, Beijing Workers Stadium and other large venues planning and event assurance experience, HUAWEI accurate predicts traffic during the event, and deploys dozens of sectors to meet the capacity demands in the next 5 years.

p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt; line-height: 150%;">However, to deploy so many sectors in the open space, coverage and interference is difficult to accurately control, ordinary scenes planning experience is often ineffective, which is the primary challenge of the Bird Nest network planning. Huawei High-density Sector Solutions with industry-leading simulation capabilities, can accurately predict the interference of the signals between sectors, so as to adjust the optimization of each antenna types, locations, declination angle and so on. In the network planning process, HUAWEI performed dozens of simulation validation for excellence solution, and ultimately to find the best balance between the interference and capacity.

Beijing Mobile customers said: "thank Huawei team for more than two months of hard work, our network performance was as perfect as the opening ceremony, and in full compliance with the networking building expected."

Beijing Unicom customers said: "thanks to the efforts of the HUAWEI team to bring smooth service business experience for China Unicom users. Hope that HUAWEI could pass the experience of network planning and design in the stadium to the other stadiums."

As early as two months ago, in order to cope with the sudden large traffic demands in the super high density scene, Beijing Unicom, Beijing Mobile invariably choose HUAWEI to build the 4G network for Bird Nest."

 In the next week, the bird's nest will host dozens of important games.