Telefonica: Driving Consolidation & Improving Partner Aggregation


Telefonica: Driving Consolidation & Improving Partner Aggregation

Enabling consolidate and aggregate multi-country Value Added services into one ecosystem using Huawei 's SDP

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Telefónica, S.A. is a global Spanish Telecommunications provider with operations in twenty-one countries across Europe, Asia, North America and South America. With the increasing dilution of the market by OTT’s and alternate service providers, Telefónica upped the ante by transforming its VAS business, operations and technology in South American. VAS transformation was an initiative to unify and consolidate services to enable open up innovation across the Operating countries (OPCOs). This created a universal VAS service experience and attracted new Digital partners due to the larger base the aggregated Opcos brought.

Telefónica selected Huawei for its award winning SDP platform along with its extensive service delivery experience to help Telefónica transform country-by-country VAS operations into a regional, consolidated and centralized VAS hub in Mexico. Huawei’s extensive professional services experience served as a key success factor for the design and build of a layered architecture, which was successfully implemented to meet Telefónica’s distributed business and operations. The project involved working within stringent timelines, understanding the peculiarities of each market and integrating local operations into the central hub for seamless day-to-day operations.

Telefónica’s fourteen Latin American operators can now benefit from a broader catalog of consolidated VAS services and leverage new business models without the technical overheads that encumbered new VAS partnerships. This simplified the journey to digitalization, reduced cost of onboarding new services across the group, and make Telefónica more appealing to digitalized services partnership within the region.