Telkom: Holistic BSS management for business and service assurance


Telkom: Holistic BSS management for business and service assurance

Helping TELKOM to grow faster with improved quality and high level consumer satisfaction


Telkom is the leading integrated communications services provider. By offering wireline and wireless telecommunications services across South Africa, Telkom is the market leader in the broadband space with an extensive DSL footprint that dominates the market of high profile consumers and enterprises/businesses. Telkom’s unique placement in the market makes it the preferred choice for reliable ICT services as it leverages its expansive assets to deliver turnkey ICT solutions.

Telkom’s partnership with Huawei has evolved consistently over the years. Telkom Mobile division partnered with Huawei to embark on holistic technology transformation that has expanded Telkom’s capability and solutions to facilitate focus on “service” rather than technology operations. With focus deepened on innovation and market responsiveness, Telkom deepened its partnership with Huawei to enable expand and capture the South African market.

Huawei offered BSS managed services to help Telkom maximize its focus on business (marketing and sales), and support service innovation to fuel growth and brand affinity.

The holistic BSS managed services offered by Huawei to Telkom, enables Telkom realize value from Huawei Offshore centers, industry aligned offerings and extensive footprint in assuring revenue management service levels (e.g. interconnect & settlement). In addition, Huawei’s BSS managed services is helping to proactively resolve faults with an end-to-end experience and approach and entrenched standards and frameworks that supports Telkom in aggregating the value of its technology assets and business capability to improve on organizational business score cards.