Boosting Digital Business-CHEHAIPING


Boosting Digital Business


Che Haiping

CTO, Huawei Carrier Software

A questions and answer sessions to tap into the mind of Huawei’s Carrier Software CTO on the future of Telco’s. The future of Telco’s requires key successful factors to further digital business. Build digital ecosystem is the one of the most important initiatives Telco’s will to survive. The bigger the ecosystem the stronger a Telco’s will be in the value chain.

How is the new era where Users and Technology barriers are disappearing affecting businesses?

Digital transformation is invoked by an ongoing digital revolution and it has become a popular trends across all Industries. I think that more or less users have become digital beings and the categories are clear, you and I will fall into one of the classes – a digital native or digital migrant.  The way businesses are run is already changed, and will further change. If we think of the basic premise of a digital being as the very key factors of the future of digital world, it’s self explanatory that the future digital business world will be dimensioned into producers, consumers, and distributors, it’s almost as though one is looking at a Digital Trinity. That means the business operation model will be redefined as an ecosystem of producers, consumers and distributors with an ecosystem centric operation model offering real-time services. All players in the ecosystem will assume one, two or even three roles for richer value fabric.

What are the key factors for success that business and telcos needs to keep in mind?

As matter of fact, in this new game Telco’s really should change their mindset first. The major change of mindset should be from traditional or physical business world to be that of digital thinking with digitalized business roles. I think the key success factors for the future digital business will include building up digital ecosystems. The bigger the ecosystem a Telco owns or plays in, contracting, owning and developing services ensure stronger market value.

The other key success factor is delivering digital experience to engage various parties within this ecosystem, and maybe fulfilling digital experience to deliver and the engage various parties. This includes transformation using reference digital architecture for digital ecosystems architecture to build up digital operations platform.

Huawei is helping enable Telcos and partners to be successful

For huawei, especially Huawei Carrier Software, we are addressing how to enable digital transformation successfully, especial helping Telco’s to be digitalized. We are positioning Huawei Carrier Software as the trusted partner to help or even facilitate the Telco’s digital transformation. Our strategy is clearly aimed at the two success factors addressed earlier. First is ecosystem enablement and second the digital operation platform which will become the reference enterprise or ecosystem architecture.

We offer our Digital inCloud business broker platform and inTouch Partnership Program as an ecosystem enabler. Through these enablers we aggregate innovators and developers and share their assets with local Telcos. This is a catalyst for digital transformation as the heavy lifting has already been done by Huawei in providing a comprehensive platform for implementing digital services.

Secondly, we offer solutions to help Telco’s transform their enterprise architecture and operation models towards digital enterprise architecture and digital operation model. The platforms facilitating the transformation end-game include our Business Enabling Suite which is offered to help Telco’s leverage new enterprise characteristics like digital front-end, business orchestration, big data analytics etc to in an integrated architecture for digital operations.

With these key solution offers, Huawei Carrier software offers Telco’s a trust-partner engagement to support or enable their digital transformation.