Site Power

Site Power

5G Power,Power 5G. Based on the concept of simple, intelligent, and efficient, Huawei proposes an integrated 5G Power solution to ensure faster, simpler, and more efficient 5G evolution.

For the existing sites 5G evolution, Huawei proposes 5G Power to realize the existing site free from grid modernization, new cabinets and thick cables, and save more electricity fees.

For 4G new-built sites, Huawei 5G Power achieves higher performance with the same investment. Meanwhile, the modular architecture ensures a smooth 5G evolution of cooling system, power, battery, and power distribution.

Simple Intelligent High-efficient


Huawei launches the super blade site that provides all-blade design BBU, AAU, power module, and lithium battery to solve the problem of difficult site acquisition and long site construction period.


Huawei 5G Power intelligent peak shaving allows the grid supply to coordinate with batteries and avoids grid modernization with the intelligent scheduling algorithm. The industry-leading dynamic voltage boosting technology enables Huawei 5G power to communicate with AAUs in real time.


Huawei 5G Power coordinates all phases to achieve full-link high efficiency in terms of power supply, rectification, cooling, and cable transmission, leading 18% energy efficiency improvement.