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5G is ON. Precise planning, fast deployment, differentiated service experience management, intelligent O&M, and 5G talent development are key to fast rollout and success of carriers' 5G business. Huawei 5G services adopt digital technologies to support 5G network construction. With standard, digital, and platform-based delivery capabilities, Huawei 5G services ensure fast, efficient, and high-quality delivery. Utilizing the experience of experts and platforms, Huawei 5G services enable intelligent O&M to ensure robust networks, provide differentiated user experience for multiple applications, and adopt the convergent billing solution to accelerate 5G business monetization.

Business Value
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    Precise Planning

    Huawei is the only vendor that can provide E2E planning for wireless networks, core networks, bearer networks, and data centers. Huawei 5G services evaluate the value of 5G sites from multiple dimensions, improving customers' ROI.

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    Deployment and Integration

    Digital apps will greatly improve survey efficiency, complete comprehensive evaluation on site readiness within seconds, shorten the time to market (TTM), and lay a foundation for digital transformation.

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    Optimal Network Optimization

    5G optimal network optimization adopts the 3D models and AI algorithms for platinum parameter optimization to improve single-cell capacity. 4G and 5G networks are collaboratively optimized to ensure the experience of "ONE network".

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    Excellent Operation

    Huawei 5G services use big data architecture to implement minute-level service monitoring, ensuring 5G user experience in real time. The 5G convergent billing solution supports the billing monetization of multiple services, such as Cloud X and fixed wireless access (FWA).


  • 5G Business Design and Network Consulting

    4G changes lives, and 5G will change society. 5G will enable the connection of everything. However, determining how to achieve business success in the 5G era has always been a challenge in the industry. What is a killer application in 5G? How can enterprises enter the vertical industry of 5G? To address these issues, Huawei provides consulting services to help carriers build networks on demand and make precise investments. Through 5G service design, Huawei supports efficient service expansion, shortens the TTM, and works with carriers to monetize 5G business capabilities.

  • 5G Precise Planning

    During the evolution to 5G networks, Huawei set up the Wireless X Labs (X Labs) and worked with more than 270 ICT industry partners to explore 5G applications, and built more than 40 mapping models from services to network KPIs to enable coordinated planning of services and networks. Intelligent site selection, RF parameter optimization, Massive MIMO Pattern platinum parameter recommendation, and 3D simulation technologies help achieve more precise radio network planning. The fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) and mobile edge computing (MEC) planning of the core network meet the requirements of 5G for eMBB, mMTC, and URLLC.

  • 5G Digital Construction

    The 5G Digital Construction solution provides digital wireless-site and network construction services, including digital surveys, collaborative evaluation on site space, load, and energy in seconds, 3D model design, and AI quality inspection. This solution helps carriers build digital twins for sites and improve network construction efficiency for quick service rollout.

  • 5G Optimal Network Optimization

    Huawei 5G Optimal Network Optimization solution aims to achieve optimal network performance. It uses iterative optimization algorithms to perform Massive MIMO 3D beamforming (BF), improving coverage performance. Through collaborative optimization of 4G and 5G networks, this solution ensures lossless 4G performance and optimal 5G performance. With accumulated expert experience and consolidated rules, this solution helps carriers quickly resolve data transmission performance issues and ensures network performance KPIs and user experience.

  • 5G Convergent Billing Solution

    In the 4G era, revenue does not increase in line with the increased traffic in the traffic-based business model. Huawei 5G convergent billing solution is designed based on five Native designs: Roads, Agile, Cloud, Eco-System, and Analytics. With the cutting-edge technologies and extensive 5G business monetization practices, the solution provides diversified monetization modes (such as multi-dimension and 2C/2H/2B) and open billing solutions to accelerate carriers' 5G service monetization and achieve closed-loop business.

  • 5G Network Intelligent O&M

    Huawei 5G intelligent O&M solution transforms O&M from the passive mode to the proactive and preventive mode. The 5G hardware sub-health check is performed using AI algorithms to predict hardware faults. Alarms are optimized and compressed, and fault models are continuously optimized to make fault self-healing more accurate and complete. In this way, a three-layer (NE, single domain, and cross-domain) fault self-diagnosis and self-healing mechanisms is implemented.

  • 5G User Experience Management

    Huawei provides analysis platform to support on-demand collection and slicing service quality evaluation for 5G services. The analysis platform implements various functions (oriented toward the O&M and QA departments), such as service quality detection, analysis, and alarm reporting, to support differentiated 5G service experience management and mapping from experience to network KPIs. For the marketing, sales, planning, and customer service departments, the 5G User Experience Management solution provides a large number of business cases to assist operation, improve and monetize user experience.

  • 5G Talent Development

    Huawei 5G talent development includes three service modules: 5G competence consulting, 5G competence development, and 5G competence certification. Diverse learning products are provided: For carrier network and market personnel (to support the rapid readiness of 5G professionals in network construction, agile O&M, and service operation): · Basic knowledge online learning · Practical training camp · Expert training camp · 5G talent onboarding forum For management personnel (to help analyze and implement 5G strategies and share leading practices of Huawei and the industry): · 5G strategy exploration · 5G business approach · 5G monetization road