BSS Integration Service


BSS Integration Service

With evolution from "Business support" to "Business Enabling" systems, integration services scope for BSS has been widened and deepened to cater for the changing role of Telco’s in a new age of Digital services and operations. To support, and yet enable and drive this transformation, Huawei offers Telcos rich set of capabilities that bring ROADS based experience to BSS through our next generation Business enabling solution framework (BES). Through BSS Integration services, Telco’s can apply our BES framework to specific enabling suits of products in a well integrated scope to improve customer engagement and increase monetization of assets. 

Business Integration services help Telco’s to consolidate, simplify, optimize and enrich front-end and back-end capabilities with the right functionalities while facilitating traditional business continuity. BSS integration services have enabled our customers transform their business with easy launch of new and complex services, partner with OTT's and third-party service providers to deepen and enrich digital operations for ecosystem business models.

Integration Service to improve Business Orchestration – Symphony@BES

Customer behavior continues to influence levels of systems to people interaction and business channels that affect customer and revenue management processes. BSS Integration services offered under our Symphony@BES solution helps Telco’s to digitize multi-channel engagements for a seamless customer interaction by solving the orchestration between service, business and channels. 

Integration services for BES

With Internet-ization of services and the increasing use of mobile and online platforms for business and customer relationship, BSS integration to materialize automation and enrichment of business process capabilities like order management, customer management, channel management and partner management are key and burgeoning interest of many Telco’s embracing digitalization.

Huawei's BSS integration services for BES helps implement Digitalized journeys for customer through CRM solutions following Huawei's industry aligned BES framework. This follows an in-depth joint Huawei and Telco business requirement analysis, business process design. interface design, with the underpinning infrastructure capability to embody our ROADS DNA for an enabling business systems for front-end to back-office operations.

Integration Services for DigitalEngagement

In the digital economy, digital channels are effective means to enable engagement. From identifying all appropriate channels and integrating them into clearly identified and mapped out business processes, to delivering the right level of experience, engagements will range across customers, partners, providers and more. Therefore the need to realize the right integration points for the right data harvesting, processing and presentation in each engagement dimension and cycle is important to achieve the objectives of becoming a digital services provider or enabler. 

Again, by employing our ROADS DNA into customer and partner interactions through Business process design, we can effectively digitalize business processes as part of this integration services offering to support digital business, digital services and digital operations life-cycle. This is the way for Telco’s to truly play in the digital ecosystem, and Huawei offers integration services for digitalEngagement leveraging our agile and responsive approach to business systems delivery.

Cloud Based Integration(SaaS)

The industry has embraced Cloud as a functional part of ecosystem business. By applying Cloud technology to Business Support Systems, such as to facilitate centralization and for enhanced customer engagement, Huawei’s brings BSS Applications in SaaS delivery and operations model. Cloud based integration services fulfill the integration required to mitigate the risks of going cloud in either private or hybrid setups and integrates into the delivery program the right governance systems. This means, Telcos looking to leverage early BSS candidates for Cloud, such as CRM, event mediation and more, can realize the objectives of simplifying, consolidating and optimizing their business operations without the fear of what design will work or long build cycles.  This means, experience of Huawei in delivering Cloud technology, as well as the pioneering efforts in contributing to standards can be res assured applied to deliver a Cloud based BSS solution that will be open, scalable and future-thought through. This can bring BSS SaaS application in rental or centralized business models to fulfill the needs of small to large scale Telco’s.

Customer Value


Improved Business services orchestration

Wide range of integration experience with third party OEMs, extensive library of OOTB business process and SOA of our BSS solutions provide for improved business and service orchestration


Reduced Cost of ownership of BSS

A world class portfolio of BSS assets including CRM and Revenue management suits are available to Telcos with pre-integration to reduce build and implementation risks


Leverage Extensive Telecom experience

Global experience with multi-vendor networks, best practices in design and implementation with industry standards and frameworks to reduce the risk of embracing new architecture

简化运维高效运维 (2)

Consolidate Centralize & Simplify BSS operation

Expose, re-leverage, apply to BSS solutions and operations new operating models such as Cloud using efficient technologies to transform BSS environment

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