BigData Integration Service


BigData Integration Service

Professional services play an integral role in Big Data materialization. At Huawei, Big Data Integration involves identifying the most valuable systems, applications, data sources and analytics relevant to delivering poignant value to Telco’s. Huawei's Big Data Integration services reduce the challenges and complexity of harnessing value and insights from heterogeneous data sources with adoption of industry reference models and architectures to fulfill business value objectives. Huawei offers Big data integration services to realize business needs through a systematic engagement under an overarching and integrated data governance model.

With our extensive ICT domain knowledge, including technology business and the science behind data generation, altogether important assets to successfully deliver Big data needs, knowledge and experience from Huawei’s completed and ongoing bigdata engagements are available to new big data projects to assure Big data integration can fulfill both business and technology objectives.

Domain knowledge is including technology telecom business and data sciences altogether are important to successfully deliver Big data needs. In this regard, knowledge and experience from Huawei’s completed and ongoing bigdata engagements are availed to new big data projects to deliver successful integration objectives.

Architecture Design & Governance

Big Data Architecture design & Governance is premised on a skill set stemmed on developing reliable, scalable and completely automated data management principles and tenants of data value realization. With Huawei's knowledge of every layer and vertical of systems in the information and communication industry, the principles of an open and future oriented architecture, including implementing the right framework for scalability, reliability, performance and security of data, is employed into 4+1 V's that are essential to truly realize value from Big data projects. 

Analytics platform & application integration (APAI)

APAI offers analytics platform integration into existing Telco application stack to enable automate ingress/egress data for analysis and decision making. This includes use of analytics as feed point into external applications for day-to-day operational needs, machine learning for seamless interworking and for business application needs.

Data Integration & Ingestion

Data integration establishes rules and triggers for consolidating and managing data across all sources identified in the big data project. Through this we establish knowledge of quality of the data sources and build data dictionaries that allow ease of operationalizing Big data use cases. We include an effective data ingestion methodology which validates and prioritize data for optimum processing based on the 4 V’s of big data.

Infrastructure Implementation

Huawei is leveraging Hadoop-based Big Data infrastructure to deliver the right level of scalability at a high-performance. Hadoop infrastructure has become key for Big data implementations. By working closely with Telco’s, we translate business insights and expectations into implementing Huawei’s Hadoop infrastructure framework which takes into consideration Telco’s growing needs, limited internal IT skills and experience and to reduce the overhead associated with managing Big data infrastructure.

Customer Value


Leverage Standardized & Open Architecture

Encouraging a standardization approach to discovering CSP data assets and establishing a common industry and business language


Ready to Go Templates for quick Return On Investment

Integrate data on demand across multiple sources and targets seamlessly without re-learning environments


Business emancipation through Big data Governance

Analyze, cleanse, monitor and manage data, enabling better business decisions and improve business process execution

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