VAS/SDP Integration Service


VAS/SDP Integration Service

Services have become highly interdependent as trends with decline of independent VAS channels show weakness and decline in use. Huawei offers VAS and Service Delivery Platform (SDP) integration to help Telcos maximize their potential for VAS interworking across different industries with standardized interworking protocols, open architecture, reduced re-work, improved technical efficiency and exposing VAS services as capable channels for Telcos to compete in the new age of Digitalization. By leveraging Huawei's extensive capability and leadership in consolidating, centralizing and exposing VAS capability for Telcos, new business models and offerings can be achieved for improved VAS TCO.

Assessment & Planning

Embarking on a VAS transformation project requires adequate understanding of IT and Network strategies in tandem with business plans. Huawei offers VAS Assessment and Planning to help Telcos to have a holistic view of their environment as an input into any technical architecture and business development plans. Assessment services will cover network capabilities, applicable protocols, level of legacy assets, including any existing VAS platforms, and match them with business potential. Based on Assessment reports, Huawei in joint and close work with Telcos develop the requisite plans to drive integration objectives. These plans may include the need to rationalize VAS platforms for consolidate or centralized business and technology operations. 

Design & Build

Planning is a critical piece to delivering an evolving and reliable VAS environment. Access to Huawei's global implementation and delivery experience will ensure quality of designs and conformity to standards. Design services will include High and Low level designs that incorporate concepts such as multi-tenant principles, content and media convergence, API reuse, IP and Cloud technology and Digitalized VAS as APPs. This is offered in an integral solution with Huawei’s  Digital inCloud platform. This means Telcos can leverage Cloud technologies in rationalizing VAS channels into componentized capabilities like API’s that can easily be integrated together for ecosystems business. With the change in VAS market dynamics, design and build are interlocked to facilitate innovation powered VAS transformation intentions such as agile delivery of new APP based services quickly, managing cross-channel with cross-partner mindset and support of ecosystem operating models.


Managing VAS and SDP delivery and improvement projects requires a systematic agile delivery and optimization approach. Huawei addresses business and commercial needs for VAS by considering all endpoints and stakeholders in a VAS implementation plan. Implementation is smooth and seamless using Huawei’s DiC to speed up cloud based integration for multi-dimensional partner, data or content delivery and exchange of services. The key objective of implementation at Huawei is always to address evolving needs of business and commercial operations for VAS, which include fast time-to-market with an eye on post delivery operations efficiencies.

After care

Post implementation operations can be simple and smooth as Huawei offers day-to-day operations and aggregation support services. With this service, the needed enhancement and support in offering innovative new VAS services and quickly managing the on boarding of can leverage our help, experience as well as pool of partners. Also, Huawei can provide aftercare support for Network and specific service optimization, quality of service, security and as well any early VAS-based commercial campaigns. 

Customer Value


Simplified and improved cost of delivering VAS

On-premise or cloud based consolidation of VAS with award winning next-gen SDP for centralized or consolidated assets to facilitate operations efficiencies of interworking to reduce cost of delivery and operations


Improved monetization of Value Added Service

Enhanced VAS applications and data interworking for extensive VAS capability exposure and re-use to facilitate increased monetization, introduce new and innovate VAS offerings through partners API’s


Increased channels, partnerships and relationship

Leverage proven R&D, integration templates, implementations and over 3000+ Service and Content partners to increase cross industry service interworking, aggregation and multi-channel business models

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