VGS-SCG Integration Service


VGS-SCG Integration Service

Helping Telcos to improve broadband operations in order to provide subscribers with enriched experience, rich contents & improved response at a cost parity is the aim of Huawei Value Growth Solution. We are increasing the profitability of Telco broadband business with better monetization of broadband resources and capacity. Surging data usage with social, mobile and always-on media and content has a toll on Telco business and technology resources. Telcos need to have the right service control, policy management and innovative customer-focused price/service matrix management capabilities. To achieve the capability of managing technology and broadband service in other to deliver the best of customer management, revenue generation and revenue assurance, VGS and Service control integration capabilities are offered to Telcos.  Huawei’s VGS and SCG integration services can improve broadband services management with innovation and policy based governance for value growth.

Assessment & Planning

Huawei’s approach to broadband business assessment & Planning focuses on what the consumer experience is, and as well the opportunities for Telcos to maximize capacity and performance of their network and business resources. Through assessment and planning services, Huawei translates understanding of the consumer behavior in Telcos operating markets in tandem with the commercialize-able opportunities that Telcos can embrace to deliver an overall capability that enhances monetization of broadband experience. This means understanding the best price-quality point and the necessary user experience underpinning customer use cases for better planning and market segmentation.

Design & Build

The unique approach our VGS-SCG Integration services brings to enhancing Telco broadband services has led to many industry awards with our Value Growth Solution. Huawei's VGS Design & Build service is intended to make the entire broadband business cycle an integrated one. This includes delivering the broadband operations competence that encompass factoring in the services into the VGS-SCG solution architecture for specific market needs identified during the Assessment phase of our engagement. This leads to building what will be the best use cases for broadband services for your market without the usual trial-and-error in implementations. Design & Build service will leverage re-usable assets that Huawei has developed over the various implementations globally, such as toolbars, user interface triggers - turbo button etc and quickly deliver on the objectives of VGS - growth!


Based on the assessment of Telco needs and requirements, Huawei offers implementation of the Value Growth Solution applying industry best practices along with our rich global experience of mobile, fixed and convergent technology environment. Implementation will span traffic management, tiered experience interfaced and management systems to monitor, analyze, innovate and grow broadband investment. 

With VGS Huawei can implement realtime visibility to help Telcos gain deeper understanding of broadband use and help prioritize services and content for a profitable smart pipe experience. Our implementation practice, addresses operations and management needs with areas such as analytics and controls fully delivered to bring cost down and improve profitability of broadband services.

After care

Post-implementation, Telcos are not left alone but can continue to get the oversight support and assistance needed to quickly materialize VGS benefits in the business and commercial operations. Huawei’s VGS Aftercare program includes supporting specific broadband commercial campaigns, facilitating new broadband innovation services as well as providing support to assist network optimization, timely new service launch and enhancing use engagement. 

Customer Value


Enhanced Customer Experience for broadband services

By being involved and paying attention to the evolution of broadband, Huawei offers performance & resource management improvement through Integration services to enhance Broadband experience


Increased monetization of Mobile broadband capacity

Close the gap between capacity growth and revenue realization by assessing broadband market, customer behavior and implementing insights and tools that enhance broadband campaigns


Achieve Valuable Service insights and decision support

Business intelligence and operation infused into broadband business to enhance business & technical decision making across the entire broadband business