Video Integration Service


Video Integration Service

Rapid rollout of video services has become a hot niche for Telcos to compete in today’s marketplace. Huawei’s solution for Video integration is designed so that any legacy video services can be transformed with the needed interfacing into BSS and Operational Support Systems (OSS). This includes integrating the middle-end, head-end as well as providing the complete end-to-end operations integrity of a Video service. By Offering fully integrated video systems for a wide array of next generation video services, Huawei reduces the time and risk inherent with cyclic integration projects.  Choosing Huawei Video Integration and field-proven solutions eliminates high operational costs, errors and quality issues that are sometimes inherent in dual entry strategies.

From an E2E service solution focus, Huawei's Video Integration service can provide customers network assessment, integration planning, the video network and aftercare support. 

Assessment & Audit

Assessment is offered to analyze existing access and distribution networks to understand gaps, constraints and technicalities that can impact on quality of service, bandwidth utilization, service functionality and service delivery. This includes matching customer experience with service capacity of the existing network to inform any service planning and announcement. By offering Assessment and audit, we can identify potential risks to business and operations and help to lay a foundation for service planning and distribution.

Audit services apply both business and technical know-how and skills to help facilitate best practices in managing Video service. Audits can also help to identify any related exposures to business from solution building blocks to revenue assurance. Based on Audits, Huawei provides Telco’s with reports outlining operations maturity, including day-to-day operations & maintenance, resource utilization, performance and capacity utilization all in consideration of service assurance, commercial focus and content delivery management.

Planning & Design

Planning is a critical piece to delivering a spot-on video service. It can span spectrum utilization and index design, interactivity needs (User Interface), Quality of service (e.g., video/audio stability, scalability, and redundancy) and more. Huawei approaches Planning and Design together to deliver High Level Designs (HLD) as well as Low Level Designs (LLD) that will support business investment & plans.

Our engagement will address actual scenarios of Video experience on the existing network, plan optimization needs for the network, the underpinning video architecture, if any, and then determine network resources (bandwidth, licenses etc.) that are needed to meet the commercial and customer quality requirements. Additionally resources from service distribution and contents types are considered into the planning to validate and verify designs in the real-life use-scenarios at Huawei’s Video technology labs. 


Project managing integration of Video services must focus always on assuring quality and performance through following best and optimal design guidelines. Huawei can help Telcos overcome risks in deployment of Video solutions through an Integrated Services Delivery process, By taking business and commercial requirement into designs. We manage the actual applications integration, personalization needs, security and digital rights management systems integration to deliver a seamless video service experience.

After care

Post implementation, management of the content delivery and service networks, the distribution and access networks can be monitored to enable Telcos hit the ground running with Video services or as well an new features and functionality deployed through the Video integration service. Monitoring and management of the service network for broadcast and multicast capabilities are performed on an ongoing basis. field operations can also be supported through a separate Video Operation Center that when implemented adds a service operations backbone to help regular Network operations. 

Customer Value


Cost effective Delivery

Reliably implemented service end-points with robust QoS, security, encryption, firewall etc. to deliver integrated content with simplified management, maintenance, and operations to lower cost of ownership


Deliver rich services

Leverage extensive capabilities that address consumer and enterprise video needs by working with Telcos across the whole video technology backbone to deliver a seamless video experience


Rich Interoperability

Integrated approach and methodology to bring ready-to-use integration experience to ease interoperability with multi-vendor platforms across the whole IP Video service architecture using industry open standards

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