Managed VAS/SDP


Managed VAS/SDP

Value Added Services and their Service Delivery Platforms remain essential Telco assets to help maximize consumption of Telecom capabilities.  With increased traction in cross-corporation between Telco’s and the industry at large, VAS and SDP have become critical capability-bridges to help extend and promote Telecom Network and IT capabilities for consumers and businesses features. This trend has raised VAS and SDP as mission critical functions along with business platforms as Telco’s look to grow utilization and re-usability through consumerization.

To improve the TVO for VAS and SDP solutions, Telco’s globally seek new service management models which address operations transformation and new business models. Huawei’s VAS/SDP managed service engagement improves TVO for VAS and SDP management.

Managed VAS/SDP offers Telcos: 

Service Quality assurance 

This Includes providing proactive customer support, performance and capacity improvements to effectively support the delivery of VAS user experience. Managing VAS/SDP includes VAS based business processes, underpinning user interface application and assurance for billing services.

Application management

To help Telco’s manage the day-to-day administration and maintenance of their VAS and SDP solutions. VAS application management helps in increasing operations agility by blending our VAS technical knowledge with the day-to-day support needed to facilitate market and customer operations at reduced time-to-market and improved availability.

Technology and Ecosystem management 

We address the complexities associated with handling multi-platform, multi-system, multi-partner interworking in a smooth way by becoming the single point of contact for VAS. This includes managing network resources (signaling links, protocols and interfaces), node capacities (including licenses, ports, APIs etc) and inter-locking infrastructure with VAS ecosystem partners. 

Customer Value


Effective OPEX efficiency

Effective end-to-end management of VAS & SDP deployment in tandem with Network teams in order to efficiently achieve operational goals using unified management platforms


Timely Service Actualization

Timely response to Telco need for VAS services through managing the day-to-day life-cycle operations of added value services in a way that aligns operations with commercial strategies


Global Experience sharing

Gain new knowledge and leverage Huawei’s global skills to improve VAS innovation, commercialization strategies, service campaigns and other go-to-market initiatives


Free Business to Focus

Understanding of Telco business needs, free the business from translating business capacity needs into technical needs with flexible business models that embody rich end-to-end services

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