Data Center Security Integration


Data Center Security Integration

Traditional data centers often face external threats like hacker attacks, trojans, worms, viruses, destruction, theft, unauthorized access, data transmission, etc.; and internal threat like administrative authority trespass, virus spread, network IP spoofing, ARP deception, etc.

With the evolving and development of cloud computing technology and related applications, the risk of data centers is changing. In 2013, CSA analyzes the risks of cloud computing and proposed its new risks including data corruption, data loss, account hijacking, unsafe API, denial of service, malicious insiders, misuse and malicious use, lack of audit, sharing technical problems.

From the information security system’s three (strategy, technology, operation) management dimensions and four (identity and access control, application and vitalization and data security, system security, network and border security) technology levels, Huawei data center security integration solution analyzes data centers security risks and provides  security protection and management countermeasure, resolving the enterprise data center security pain points in an all-round way. At the same time, Huawei provides professional data center security service, including security integration ensurance services, security operation support services, helps customers shorten integration implementation period and  smoothly pass the commissioning phase.

Technical Topics


Comprehensive Cloud Computing Security

Virtualization security protection through combination of software firewall and hardware gateway, with multi-vendor hyper Visor compatibility and comprehensive VM traffic and threaten protection.


E2E Network Security

Support border security protection for traditional and cloud data centers, accurately identify and protect virtual network traffic.Reliable VPN encryption to protect the transport security.


Unified Management

Unified security policy and management for fixed, mobile terminal .Support multi-protocol, multi-terminal, multi-authentication-method user security access and control, can be seamless integrated with company's the existing business systems.


Comprehensive Data Protection

Based on industrial best practices and ISO27001 data security policy, Huawei self-developed sandbox technology, has comprehensive prevention fixed terminals and mobile devices from data leakage.

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Data Center Consolidation and Aigration Service

Huawei provides an end-to-end solution of data centerconsolidation and migration services to solve these problems, along with aprofessional consulting team to meet your business needs.

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