4K Network Integration Service Solution


4K Network Integration Service Solution

By designing the High-Resolution 4K network architecture, the synergetic evolution between the video service and network has been strengthening and accelerating the development of intelligent broadband and business experience visualization management to support 4K network.  

The High-Resolution 4K network architecture helps operator to seize the opportunities in 4K industry as well as increase the market competitiveness by allowing operator to implement a fair prices and provide the highest customer experience  

The 4K large screen video era gives the users an expectation for a lower network latency which urging operator to provide smoother video experience for its subscriber. To provide a greater user experience, the carrier networks is required to adapt to different requirement of video bitrate by acquiring the relevant network resources.While discovering network issues in a Heterogeneous network, operators wish to be able to discover the root causes in a short period of time to reduce customer complaints.In addition to that, by offering video services to the market, it requires the operator to invest reasonably to ensure the end users have glitch-free video viewing experience to protect business returns.

Based on the above challenges, HUAWEI innovated a L.I.V.E. service solutions for 4K video:

  • Layer-simplify: Huawei converged the network reconstruction and migration experience with 4K business, will reduce the network transmission latency and the maintenance difficulties, and ensure the smooth transition of the network transformation with 0 service perception.
  • Intelligentize: Ensuring high quality video resources can be reasonably and efficiently deliver to the end user, and achieve the maximum utilization of network resources from the actual business development and current carrying capacity of the network
  • Visualize: 4K video services has a higher sensitivity to the network than the internet and other video services. HUAWEI through the self-made video quality management system, to eliminate failures rapidly, achieve user experience improvement, and reduce user complaints.
  • Express : In order to ensure the benefit of operators in the video business, HUAWEI provides the integrated deployment services for intelligent acceleration, to achieve the user's initiative acceleration and support operators to innovate business model, and businesses rollout quickly.

Customer Value

简化运维高效运维 (2)

Improving User Experience

Fast fault location of network, to reduce the complaint and improve user experience


Simplified and Low Latency Network Architecture

Simplify design and evolution of network architecture, to ensure the network with low latency, and low maintenance difficulty


Flexible and Intelligent Adaption for 4K Service Path

The best coordination with storage and bandwidth, to ensure that high quality video resources quickly push to the users


Rapid Business Rollout

Precisely identified the valuable area, and on demand invest and accelerate to the access network

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