Mobile Network Integration Service


Mobile Network Integration Service

In MBB era, mobile data traffic is increasing exponentially and  users are demanding higher experience. However,  operators’ revenue growth is not increasing in tandem with the data growth, which brings new challenges for mobile network planning, design, integration, smooth service transition and fast TTM. Based on rich global experience, Huawei provides mobile network integration services, which includes: GU network new-build / expansion / swap, LTE/ VoLTE integration, HetNet integration, refarming, antenna convergence, accurate planning, service experience oriented planning & optimization, brand ranking improvement planning & optimization,  to help customers improve network quality and investment efficiency for business success.

Help operators evolve towards GUL convergence network, to bear the increasing of data traffic and users, improving market strength and revenue.

Help operators improve mobile network efficiency, to cope with the TCO pressure, limited spectrum, multi-frequency and multi-RAT network coexisting. This is to reduce cost, optimize the resource allocation and achieve fast network transition.

Help operator plan and construct Quality Brand MBB network, to improve network quality, service experience and brand ranking. This is to enhance user experience and brand competitiveness.