Antenna Convergence


Antenna Convergence

With the speedy increase of mobile data services, LTE networks develop rapidly.  All operators are facing the challenges of multi-band and multi-RAT network as GSM, UMTS, and LTE networks will co-exist for a long period.

To adapt multi-band and multi-RAT networks, legacy antenna systems must be reconstructed. During the reconstruction process, the antennas, combiners, tower-mounted amplifier (TMA), and remote electrical tilt (RET) antennas will be combined, forming a complex antenna system.

Antenna system reconstruction encounters the following problems:

  • 2G/3G network stability protection whilst ensuring best LTE network performance.
  • Design an efficient antenna solution for a complex scenario to shorten the time to market (TTM) of new services.
  • How to effectively evaluate and verify an antenna evolution solution to reduce impacts of interference on network quality.
  • How to comprehensively analyze reuse of original antenna systems to reduce reconstruction costs and operating expense (OPEX)

Huawei Multi-RAT Antenna System evolution solution, relying on rich service experience, methods, professional tools, and professional team, provides customer a customized antenna system design service.

Customer Value


Good Quality

ACP algorithm to improve planning accuracy for good network performance


Cost Saving

Antenna system component reuse, saving materials cost


Fast TTM

Correct design diagram to improve implementation efficiency

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