Fixed Network Modernization


Fixed Network Modernization

Fixed network modernization solutions provide fixed network integration services covering the entire life cycle. Three core capabilities, on-demand planning, fast deployment and smooth migration, help customers reduce TCO, shorten TTM, effectively enhance the competitiveness and the uses experience of the network. Powerful tool platform and customized migration solution guarantee migration smoothly.

On-Demand Planning

The customers face challenges of other operators, but don’t know how to plan and build network to protect the investment.

Huawei use the cloud-based tool platform site planning tool integrated on GNEEC Cloud, through a unique algorithm, maximize reuse the existing network resources,  enhance the competitiveness of the customer's network powerfully;support TCO/TVO analysis to achieve accurate imvestment.

Fast Deployment

The customers face market competition of broadband, urgently need to achieve the new services to market and quickly seize market opportunities.

Huawei multi-role and multi-task cooperation tools platform GNEEC Cloud, integrated multiple migration tools to achieve open task flow streamline. And also, for specific customer scenarios, develop a series of customized tools to greatly improve efficiency and reduce manual work errors , one-time to do things right.

Smooth Migration

Customer existing network business is very complex, and they hope impact on the end users as little as possible, and the old business network should be 100% inherited.

Huawei Service Solutions support MV device data conversion, 100% inherited old business; and through customized programs, we can achieve business "0 " perception, all-weather cutover migration and implementation, data and port efficiently and accurately migration, greatly reduce business interruption, accelerate new network of high-quality smooth on-line.

Customer Value


“0” Perception for Subscribers

Customized solutions to achieved “0” perception migration


Accurate Investment

Reuse existing network resources and protect existing network investment, to achieve accurate investment


Service 100% Inheritance

Professional tool supports multi-vendor data conversion, to achieve 100% old service inheritance


Shorten TTM

Powerful tools capability to reduce the parallel time of old and new network, fast delivery shorten TTM

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