In-building Solution


In-building Solution

Huawei has vast experience of hotspot, and a deep understanding of network requirements for all scenarios,  so Huawei can provide E2E services, including evaluation, planning, design, deployment and optimization, also an extensive product range ,meet different requirements of different scenarios, so we can help Operators to improve user experience and increase revenue.

Airport Solution: Based on the experience of Beijing Capital International Airport,Huawei can accurately determine the coverage and capacity requirements, for the different functional areas and provide an optimal design; At the same time,Huawei plan the capacity to meet the requirement in future, and realize evolution without hardware adjustment, because the LampSite supports capacity expansion only by software.

Metro Solution: In order to meet the strict network quality requirements of Paris Metro, Hong Kong Metro, Chengdu Metro, Huawei optimizes Sharing Solution constantly, to provide digital SingleDAS and high performance POI product, and customize interference control solution.

Commercial Zone Solution: Huawei has industry-leading indoor-outdoor traffic identification technology , can evaluate the network coverage, performance, traffic absorption efficiently, so Huawei is able to pinpoint the indoor hotspot and plan indoor sites accurately, then absorb enough traffic; Also, Huawei has macro sites planning experience, so can provide seamless coverage by co-planning for both indoor and outdoor; At last , Huawei as main equipment provider, can provide all kinds of signal resource and components, including Macro sites, Small cell, traditional in-building products and components, to meet requirements of all scenarios.

Stadium Solution: Huawei has a wealth of experience from 100+ Large Venue network construction including Beijing Nation Stadium, and 400+ large-scale events assurance experience, accumulates 20+ traffic model library, so Huawei can plan reasonable capacity to deal with large traffic during the events. At the same time, Huawei has industry-leading simulation capability, combined with stadium-specific beamforming antenna, which can provide precise coverage by controlling interference.

Customer Value


Improve Delivery Efficiency

Huawei has industry-leading indoor-outdoor traffic identification technology, can evaluate the network issues efficiently, to pinpoint the indoor hotspot and to invest efficiently


Speed up Time to Market

End to end integration service and improve delivery efficiency by unified tool and project management platforms


Improve Network Quality

Based on vast global hotspot network construction experience, Huawei provides professional planning, design and various products to meet different hotspots requirements.

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