Service Experience Oriented Planning & Optimization


Service Experience Oriented Planning & Optimization

User experience becomes more and more important when wireless network comes to MBB era. Based on Huawei mLab analysis, with poor experience, low throughput contributes as the most reasons for customer complains, 80% of end users abandoning the network due to poor experience, and 72% of end users retaining in the network because of excellent user experience.

Huawei Service Rate Oriented Network Planning and Optimization is a new standard of network construction for user experience. The solution take full account of the needs of different regions and services. At the same time, get the best balance between experience and investment.

Service Experience Oriented Planning and Optimization service with the following HIGHLIGHTS:

  • User throughput evaluation and visualizing 
  • Comprehensive low throughput planning solution in grids level 
  • Throughput simulation 
  • Low throughput root cause analysis

Customer Value


Efficient Deployment

automated cell & site planning based on U-Net tool


Ensure Service Experience

take full account of the needs of different regions and services


Improve ROI

maximize return on investment with 6D-ASP

Success Stories

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