NFV Solution Support Service


NFV Solution Support Service

With the evolution and development of NFV, operators are faced with a virtualized network to support more flexible and complex services. The main challenge for operators is to develop the know-how and skills to ensure  stable network operations, fast and accurate fault demarcation and localization, and efficient problem processing.The NFV Solution Support based on CT and IT support service, provides technical support for NFVI, APP, MANO and other NFV components, to ensure continuous stable operation of the ‘functional layers’.

The SPOC service is based on traditional secure service to achieve a single point management of complex network, multi-vendor management, and cross layer services. A variety of technical support based on unified SLA also reduces maintenance routines and improve maintenance efficiency. 

By relying on the best practices from the NFV Open Lab and other global projects, Huawei is continually investing and developing the NFV Solution Support capability, thus helping customers achieve availability and efficiency of their NFV Solutions and to ensure service continuity and business success.

Customer Value

简化运维高效运维 (2)

End-to-end Fault Process

Integrated ICT, provide E2E fault processing ability


Fast Fault Demarcation and Localization

ast Fault Demarcation and Localization for complex hierarchical networks


Decrease Maintenance Complexity

SPOC service for efficient maintenance


Carrier Grade Network Quality Assurance

Provide carrier grade high reliability to ensure network stability

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