Emerging Market Operator Mobile Money Business Performance and Strategy - The Operator Perspective

May 29th, 2018 at 10:00am London|11:00am Cape Town|5:00pm Singapore

A number of mobile operators have been able to sustain large mobile money operations for years. The ability to operate the mobile money service profitability and reliably has always been the focus for Mobile Money Management teams within operators. Even though mobile money service is expected to grow fast in the next few years, operators are still facing many large challenges that offer the service have been unable to generate substantial revenue from it.

As an industry we need to get the right way for business development and understand the real capabilities of today, the implications it has for the business and where we need to focus to prepare for long term success.

On behalf of Huawei, Ovum has conducted a survey of operators globally regarding mobile money. This ‘state of the nation’ survey will highlight where operators are really focusing their efforts, what capabilities they believe are important, how to enable the ecosystem and where the greatest benefits can be achieved from mobile money sustainable development. We will present the key results of the survey along with Ovum’s analysis and key takeaways.



Eden Zoller

Principal Analyst, Ovum

Eden Zoller is responsible for leading Ovum’s consumer digital commerce research, focusing on consumer dynamics, service provider strategies, market outlooks, and competitor analysis. Eden provides a holistic view of the digital commerce landscape, in both mature and emerging markets. She specializes in retail, mobile payments, mobile advertising, and AI-powered cognitive commerce. Eden joined Ovum in 1997 and established the company's pioneering Wireless Multimedia advisory service. Before joining Ovum, she was an editor and journalist whose roles included writing for newsletters from The Financial Time.

Yathish Nagavalli

Chief Enterprise Architect, Huawei Software

Yathish is a senior technology and business leader with over 25 years of leadership experience primarily in the Telecommunications industry. Yathish has held various positions with responsibilities in the area of innovation, Architecture and technology strategy. Currently, Yathish is part of the software marketing team and is focused on helping operators succeed in digital transformation.

Yathish’s extensive industry experience with cloud based business models and Telco transformations enable him to see the big picture & influence C level leadership team to set the right vision and engage in complex transformation programs.