Data Center New-build & Consolidation


Data Center New-build & Consolidation


Data center new build & consolidation solution includes data center IT cloud Infrastructure integration solution, data center security integration solution, data center facility integration solution and data center consolidation& migration solution. Huawei Integrated Data Center service provide Precise consulting, Coordinated planning, Flexible design, EPC implementation and O&M .It helps Operators to construct a green, high availability and smart Data center by the shortest time and optimal cost so to approach the smooth evolution from traditional Co-location & VAS business to Cloud business ,and lay the foundation for the transformation of ICT. 

Customer Value



cross-heterogeneous virtualization platform management, cloud and non-cloud resource management, cross-site data center management



ITSM process based automation from resource level to application level

简化运维高效运维 (2)


Openstack based cloud management platform, supporting open-source community and ecosystem



PUE(Power Usage Effective)as low as 1.3, saving energy consumption by 40%

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Data Center Cloud IT Infrastructure Integration

End to end services, ranging from consulting, planning, design, implementation and acceptance of all stages, also according to customer needs, providing customers with professional services.


Data Center Facility Integration

Helps our customers build data centers with high quality, flexible expansion, energy saving, fast TTM and smart management features to match the requirement from  rapid development of ICT services.

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