Digital Service Transformation

Accelerate CSPs’transformation from communication service provider to digital service provider through agile business platform, operation assistance service and partner ecosystem.


Mobile Content Aggregation

Established Global partner network of leading digital content providers; business enabled digital business ecosystem; create new revenue streams through aggregation and distribution of video, digital music, game.

20 融合资源池

Converged Resource Solution

Huawei Unicloud Solution breaks chimney type of the existing resource pool usage, gets through all computing, storage and network isolated resources among different sites, and achieves unified management and integrated usage of resources.

44 业务连续性灾备解决方案

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution

Implements resilient "active-active" methodology to link production and backup systems for rapid DR


Video inCloud Solution

Deliver “video+” services which drive customer differentiation and engagement from the bringing together of communications and video services.


Telecom API Enablement

Expose the network, empower partner creativity, enable service innovation.

Digital SDP

Digital SDP

It enables operators’ digital business transformation by building a win-win digital ecosystem. Featured with predefined template suite and flexible architecture, it shortens TTM and facilitates multi-industry solution development.

MSO Business Transformation

MSO Business Transformation

With Gigaband on the horizon, Huawei's MSO E2E solution aims to help MSOs transform traditional HFC networks into all-digital GigaCoax networks for access at Gbit/s speeds.


Hybrid Video

Huawei Hybrid Video Solution is a convergent platform that allows IPTV, OTT, mobile, and DVB video content to be accessed, managed, and operated in a unified manner.

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Huawei uCDN solution provides a unified and intelligent content distribution platform. Its convergent architecture supports diversified CDNs. 

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Customer Experience Management

Huawei is committed to maximize the value of customer experience insight, whether through analyzing network experience, service experience, interactional experience or the customer’s personal experiences.


Indoor Connected Solution

Indoor network should provide mobile broadband, value-added and IoT service that help operators to enhance user experience and increase operator revenues.


ICT Talent Competence Transformation

Under the trend of digital transformation, the network technology talents of operators face the challenge of ICT knowledge transformation.


Network Experience PLUS

Operators in different countries face different competitors and therefore have different goals on the quality brand MBB. To determine whether their networks are quality brand MBB, operators rely on either social media, reputation or benchmarking.

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Digital Business and Operations Transformation Strategies 

Huawei BES (Business Enabling System): The next generation business support systemthat supports operator digital transformation.

02 端到端网络规划与工程

E2E Network Planning and Integration

Huawei has a consultative approach and innovative E2E Network Planning and Evolution Service that enables operators to identify key hotspots for investment and build end user experience oriented, high quality networks. 


NFV Integration and Operation

NFV as a disruptive technological change, which makes telecom operator's network architecture is more open, more flexible service deployment.


Data Center New-build & Consolidation

As the basis and core of ICT service computing, storage and distribution, data center functions as the strategy anchor for ICT transformation.


Operations Transformation

Operations Transformation is not easy and the operators need to consider the complexity of managing all aspects of transformation. 

04 SDN主视频

SDN Network Evolution Services

Help carriers to simplify multi-vendor and multi-level integration difficulties. Ensure the evolution of traditional networks to smoother, quicker and to a more effective SDN network.



CloudCore is a core network virtualization solution that change core network NE architecture from dedicated hardware to general hardware through NFV, decoupling software and hardware.


OSS Evolving from Support to Enabling

OSS needs to transforms to service, centralization, and cloud based business and delivery mode, namely the OSS as a Service model.


WTTx, Innovative Broadband Solution for Household

WTTx allows operators to meet the demands of broadband access in the era of big data and to open a new era for home broadband.


Spectrum & Network Evolution

Spectrum and network evolution give out a method to solve site capacity, small cell and macro cell coordination, spectrum complete utilization.


MBB User Migration Solution

Huawei MBB user migration solution may help more subscribers enjoy better mobile network and experience.


MBB Fundamental Network

Huawei is maximizing current network asset usage by continuously exploring network potential and providing MBB networks with seamless coverage and the best user experience.

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VoWiFi greatly improves indoor coverage, decreases air interface rent, provides a cost efficient roaming solution, and increases carrier competitiveness.

下一级 网络能效最大化800x600

Maximize Network Energy Efficiency

Helps operators evaluate network energy efficiency and proposes solutions for improving energy efficiency.

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Small Cell, New Business Model in Big Data Era

80% of data traffic is generated from hotspots and indoor locations. Small Cell will fully release traffic potential, becoming the key for operators to improve MBB network performance and user experience. 


Cloud Reshape Enterprise Communication Value

Huawei Cloud UC solution meets enterprise communication requirements, helps carrier deploy E2E cloud-based enterprise communication services, and provides the services for enterprises in hosted mode.

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The Huawei VoLTE solution evolves from CS to all-IP VoLTE networks to provide HD voice, HD video, and rich media services for subscribers.



SingleEPC solution is a unified packet core network that inherits EPC advantages. It supports multiple MBB access modes and provides various services with simplicity, reliability, openness.

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Deploying LiTRA System to Enable Safe City Solution

LTE network can enable operators to deploy the safe city solution by video trunking service over voice trunking service. In addition, clients with emergent needs will be granted highest QoS on public security service.



Huawei CloudEdge is a new-generation mobile broadband (MBB) solution developed based on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), service oriented architecture (SOA), and cloud architecture.