Big IT - Enabling


Big IT - Enabling

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ROADS experience refers to Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY and Social service experience. In order to deliver ROADS experience, carriers need to transform their traditional IT architecture to a cloud-based one so that it will be agile and efficient enough to meet changing external demands. The digital transformation of carriers' IT system includes the following aspects:

Government and enterprise cloud business

Cloud computing will become the next great opportunity to carriers. In the future, over half of the businesses will have more than 50% of their IT assets stored in third-party data centers, while over 60% of the storage capacity will be offered by cloud service providers. Compared with multinational cloud service providers, carriers possess local brand and resource advantages. Government and enterprise cloud business will become their new revenue source.

Open and aggregating digital platform

As the basic pipe provider in the information time, carriers will continue to provide support for the digital age. Carriers can build an open business platform and digital ecosystem for the whole society, integrating the innovation capabilities and content of various industries and merging the physical and digital worlds.

Next-generation operational system that supports ROADS experience

The next-generation operational system can enable and empower carriers' resources, business and operations. Huawei calls it the Telco OS.

Cloud-based and software-defined infrastructure platform

On the one hand, cloud computing is driving ICT convergence. Future IT infrastructure will become cloudified, boosting the utilization of infrastructure resources. On the other hand, SDN and NFV technologies enhance the performance of telecom networks, accelerate new service provisioning and support agile upper-layer operations for ROADS experience.

Hot Topics

Digital Service Transformation

Huawei dedicates to aggregate global content, application and develop resources, build value chain for the digital economy, to achieve revenue growth in the business, family, personal and other market segments, to become carriers’ best partner for digital business.

Cloud Transformation

In order to prevail in fierce competition with Internet companies and quickly meet market demands, carriers first need to optimize and cloudify their IT infrastructure.

Data Center

Data center new-build & consolidation solution includes data center IT cloud Infrastructure integration solution, data center security integration solution, data center facility integration solution and data center consolidation& migration solution.

Telco OS - Enabling Telco Transformation to Digital Operator

Telco OS is Huawei’s solution for digital transformation of carriers, and is the next generation operation system, which aims to provide ROADS user experience through agile operations - the orchestration of business enabling, infrastructure enabling and big data analytics.