Big Operation - Agile


Big Operation - Agile

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Experience is actually “the services we provide to end users” plus “the experience of consumption end users perceive”, that is to say, to quickly provide users with preferred services, and to realize ROADS experience during the process “Buying - Using - Sharing”. The changes in experience lead to new requirements for operations, including the changes of operating model, and the enablement platform for both services and ICT resources. In addition, ICT infrastructure needs to adapt to changes from operations, towards software-defined, virtualized, cloud data center, and ultra broadband, so as to provide real-time, flexible and elastic ICT resources for services. Experience drives re-architecture of operations and infrastructure, and ultimately reflects the business outcomes of the transformation.

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Experience & Value Centric Operation Transformation

For telecom operators, Customer Experience Management is the key to build the advantages ,and value creation is the goal. The Experience & Value Centric Operation Transformation will help operators continue to grow in the new environment.

Network Experience PLUS

Network Quality is  key for Operators business success. Huawei has the solutions and rich experience to build leading brand, high ROI, superior quality networks for operators.