Big Pipe - Ubiquitous


Big Pipe - Ubiquitous

UBBF Day 2 opening

The future world will be a fully connected one. By 2025, there will be 100 billion connections. All people, things, and people and things will be connected for collaboration. Connection will become a fundamental element like air.

A fully connected world is not an innovation, but an evolutionary result of the digital world. During digital transformation, carriers shoulder the heavy responsibility of national ICT construction. They should take advantage of their assets to transform and upgrade their ICT infrastructure, grasp business opportunities using their strengths within the network, and Build a Better Connected World.

Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY, Social (ROADS) experience is the goal of carriers' digital transformation and the key to its core competitiveness. Only carriers are capable of providing ICT-converged and guaranteed end-to-end ROADS experience.

There has been a surge of "new basic services" such as 4K UHD video, mobile video, smart home and enterprise B2B cloud services. Successful practices by global carriers demonstrate that carriers must leverage its pipe and service advantages based on these new basic services and build ubiquitous ultra-broadband networks to guarantee differentiated ROADS user experience. This way, they can achieve a successful business transformation.

Hot Topics

4.5G: Connecting Giga World

4.5G, a milestone and herald of 5G, marks an era where everything is interconnected through the Gigabit wireless network.

MBB Everywhere

In MBB era, operators need to think of how to maximize network potential and realize effective investment, in order to build ubiquitous MBB networks.

WTTx, Instant Fiber Opens A New Era

Broadband services have become a basic need for modern life. 4G- and 4.5G-based WTTx provide fiber-like broadband services for households, enabling you to build a fully connected world.

Small Cell, Building Crowdsourcing Ecosystem

80% of data traffic is generated from hotspots and indoor locations. Small Cell will fully release traffic potential, becoming the key for operators to improve MBB network performance and user experience.  

Cloud Communication

Constructing ubiquitous communications based on the unified cloud service platform.

NBN, Building a Better Connected Nation

Like water and electricity, broadband has already become a national strategic infrastructure.

FMC 2.0, Full-Service Operations

Video and cloud computing have become basic services. As new services emerge, FMC 2.0 helps carriers form differentiated user experience through integrated FBB (fixed broadband) + MBB (mobile broadband) + content development in such aspects as business, network construction, and operations to build differentiated competitive advantages.

Experience-driven Ultra-broadband Network

LTE and 4K video drive data traffic and become hot topics to worldwide operators. In this era, bearer network is the key to improve user experience.