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Network Experience PLUS

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Huawei Network Experience PLUS topic evolves continually. It is focused on the business value support specific to network performance and service experience. Providing differentiated network & service experience, together with the positive circle of “Superior Network - Rich Service - Excellent Experience - Business Growth”. It aims to help customers transform their network advantage towards business advantage, maximizing network value.

Customer Value


Network Performance Improvement

Investment effectiveness, Healthy Network


Service Experience Improvement

Differentiated Network & Service Experience


Network Business Value Improvement

Maximize Network Business Value

Related Solutions


Superior Voice

By Scenario based coordination design、multi-vendor E2E planning & integration and E2E issue trouble-shooting, Huawei Help operator fast VoLTE commercial to improve service experience and user loyalty


Superior Mobile Video

In the 4G era, mobile video has become the basic needs of users, Huawei help operator build zero buffer ,no lag network, driving growth of mobile video traffic and profitability.


Hotspot Experience Improvement

Targeted at different experience requirements of different scenarios, such as high-speed rail, CBD, subway and airport, etc, perform service experience oriented planning and optimization to improve single user throughput, unleashing traffic in “Golden hotspots”。