Service Assurance Solution


Service Assurance Solution

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Huawei Service Assurance Solution provides the best suites and Telco O&M experience, integrates functions of Fault management, Service desk management, Workforce management, Performance Management, Test & Diagnosis management module, associates rich network operation assets library such as fault root cause analysis, E2E process SLA monitoring, visualization workforce scheduling, proactive performance maintenance and customer complaint self-diagnosis. With more than 100 projects practice, it can support the operator to shorten problem resolution time, reduce problems occur times and achieve a closed-loop problem management. Furthermore, reduce the TCO and assure the SLA for the service.

Customer Value

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Maximize the operation and investment efficiency

Centralized, cloud-based OSS systems can unify hardware and software, fast delivery, accelerate TTM, and reduce CAPEX.


Guarantee the best network quality

Through real-time performance monitoring, network capacity forecast management and proactive preventive maintenance, reduce both the probability of network failure and operational cost, improve the network quality.


Improve troubleshooting efficiency

With alarm root cause analysis, auto trouble ticket processing, visualized workforce scheduling and E2E SLA monitoring, improves fault troubleshooting efficiency, shorten MTTR, and reduce TCO.


Improve First Call Resolution in Customer Care

Through the E2E test & diagnosis from home side, access side, network side to application side, improve the CC first call resolution and NOC fault location efficiency, reduce unnecessary home visits and onsite visits.