Managed BSS


Managed BSS

Managed Business support systems combine end-to-end services management with full platform operations and management to help CSPs to achieve effective operational efficiencies, product value optimization and a responsive business-technology alignment.  Telcos worldwide are under constant pressure to reduce cost of service delivery and overheads of operations of technology platforms while improve business-relevant benefits through innovation drivers for new business services across infrastructure, applications and business processes management.

Huawei’s Solution for Managed BSS offers:

Business Operation Support  (BOS)

BOS is increasingly an adopted offering by CSPs as they see the need to increase agility towards business alignment and growth.  

Managed BOS focuses on increasing business agility by improving CSP market engagement, customer operations support and revenue assurance to fuel business performance and score-cards. Services offered including business configuration, business decision support, problem management and end-to-end BSS service management. This leads to providing speedy business process operations across functional areas like CRM, Event management, Billing, Charging, Settlement and Resource Management.

Business Service Quality Management (BSQM)

Business Service Quality Management improves customer and revenue operations by providing business services quality monitoring and improvement using the TM Forum Service quality management model. Through Monitoring, Analysis and Improvement programs, Huawei establishes standardized business services quality metrics and measures with Telcos on customer services as part of monitoring and correcting any regression in business performance. It also includes capacity management in support of areas like customer request handling, order life-cycle, inter-mediate customer facing process handoffs and any other associated customer engagement processes that impact on customer experience at Telco care and touch points.

Business Applications Management

Applications management services for BSS employs an integrated management model to deliver sustained or improved performance of BSS applications, and where needed implementing limited scale application enhancements to support business critical needs. Our integrated operations and maintenance program brings an experience-led cascade of BSS management practices to ensure Application management drives robust business process operations and service quality. For example managing event and call data records to assure revenue assurance business processes while ensuring customer requests are handled in a timely manner. By following well established operating procedures, periodic and timely maintenance of applications can be handled to deliver improvement in business operations.

Infrastructure(Asset) Management

This is the foundation of high availability of BSS solutions. Huawei’s resounding experience in building from ground up mission critical infrastructure and solutions which are today critical to Telco business, llike Online Charging, Switches, Routers, Servers etc., brings the same mission critical principles to manage Huawei BSS environments. The principles of design and implementation of mission critical platforms when applied to managing BSS environment, matches customer business needs with operations and maintenance programs that must be in place to support business operating requirements.  

Customer Value

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Reduced BSS Operations Cost

Integrated offshoring operations to offer efficiencies in levels of cost optimization and service management through Huawei regional operations centers to monitor and manage BSS service delivery


Improved BSS Service Quality

E2E service management with clearly mapped and inter-linked assurance and fulfillment metrics to manage process performance, services capacity and business health for four key customer facing business processes


Enhance Business Operations

Standardize business processes, offer proactive customer support, enhanced go-to market and agile business configuration, campaign and promotions to improve revenue management and decision support