Managed Enterprise Cloud


Managed Enterprise Cloud

Today, as cloud services are being more widely adopted by enterprises, it becomes an important business growth to operators in future. However, operators are new players in the cloud services and they need to find a right partner and position themselves in the competitive market areas. The cloud services that the operators provide should be more open and flexible to achieve a higher growth rate and leveraging partnerships with the vendors to have continuous innovation for building a better ecosystem.

Huawei Managed Enterprise Cloud solution offers open cloud platform, flexible business model, efficient operation management and proactive business operation support to help operator provide hybrid cloud service to their enterprise customers. We help operators to deploy and manage high quality cloud services and break through the market faster. The solution includes Cloud Platform Build, Joint Business Innovation, Business Operation Support and Operation Management.

Cloud Platform Build: build customized cloud platforms including operator’s on- premise, Huawei Hosted and Hybrid environment. We assist operators to develop an open cloud platform quickly and integrate the platform with partner’s environment.

Joint business innovation: covers business design, market analysis, service design and partner introduction etc, helping operators provide innovative services rapidly.

Business Operation Support: includes marketing plan support, sales support, business analytics support, billing and settlement support and partner management etc. We help operators to achieve faster time to market.

Operation Management: Based on ITIL and Huawei best practice, we enable automated cloud service management such as provisioning and managing the resources, creating a stable and secure cloud service environment.

Customer Value


Reduce Business Risks

A reliable strategic partner who can offer flexible business models and minimized business risks.

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E2E Service Assurance

Huawei has developed an IT and CT converged operations model which provides an E2E service assurance across IT and CT.


New Revenue

Assist operators realize new revenue streams and businesses from the engagement of risk averse cloud platforms.


Continuous innovation

Quick and continuous response to market requirements and market trends enhances customer competitiveness and readiness to market demands.