Managed Video


Managed Video

The rise of Video in the 21st century has increased consumption of Telco broadband resources. As video continues to surge as the fastest growing content consumption type, Telco business, operations and technology will have to improve to support the speed of growth while addressing user experience. From the many multi-technologies to multi-screen user life-styles, managing fulfillment, assurance and resources - including content, can be a daunting task for Telco’s. Telcos investing to offer video services will need to manage across chains of technologies for traditional, on-demand and condition-triggered multimedia and video services with seamless backend management, operations and support.

Huawei Hybrid Video Managed Service solution can help Telcos to deliver Video service with assured service quality by improving operation efficiency and increasing business revenues through blending our Hybrid Video technical and operation knowledge with the strong business-focused approach to make Video services offered by Telcos the best in class for customer experience. Our solution is a proven blueprint with methodology based on many years of lessons learnt in the video technology domain. Huawei’s prowess in delivering leading Video technologies to the market is an asset availed in our Managed Video services to enable Telcos drive growth of Video services with focus on marketing , sales and customer operations while both front-end operations support and back-end handled are fully handled by Huawei.

Key services offered focus on:

Operations Assessment and Optimization 

Helping Telco’s assess and address gaps in the delivery of video services. This includes technology operations, optmized management of content delivery networks and video gateways for uni-video and hybrid-video services.

Business Reporting

Quickly and accurately providing the visibility and reporting for day-to-day service usage and performance for Telco’s in their catchment market and assuring business performance.

Customer Service support

We focus on providing apt and prompt remediation of faults through proactive service management to realize promised customer service levels through close interlock with Telco’s customer operations functions and network operations centers.

Video Service Quality management

This spans monitoring, analyzing and improving video service quality through an integrated quality management life-cycle. Telcos gain the advantage of one "pair of eye” in-charge of the experience of customers; and

Platform Stabilization

This is offered to include all the complete video delivery network, such as the end-points and the various nodes in-between the service gateway and the end-point customer platform. This service is offered with Telco’s network teams such as field Maintenance for event Assurance and spare parts management.

Customer Value


Effective resource optimization

Managing capacity and performance of business and technology resources for Video services to deliver best use of the finite Telco resources through proactive and predictive service management


Improved Service Experience

Through video service quality management, establish and improve day-to-day operations and management visibility to improve service fulfillment quality and service assurance


Increased Customer Satisfaction

Optimize problem handling and service quality operations support in tandem with all customer support functions through proactive support and responsive engagement for video services