Robust Network Service


Robust Network Service

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Robust Network Service solution provides a 360 degree assessment of the network to predict risks and provide customized solutions to overcome them, thus increasing the robustness of the network. By utilizing Huawei’s global network maintenance knowledge with advanced platforms, algorithms and analytics, potential risks can be identified and removed to ensure that the network has higher stability, increased reliability and better connectivity and therefore protect operators’ revenues, increase O&M efficiency and improve competitive advantage.

By 2025, it is estimated that the total number of digital connections will reach 100 billion globally. Telecom networks are becoming the ubiquitous information superhighways. However, with the increased size, capacity and complexities of the networks, network outages and faults can have big implications. With the evolving all-cloud network, elaborate multi-generation technologies will coexist for a while. It would be difficult to enlarge the scope of fast network fault diagnosis and precise fault demarcation. Massive amount of digital services and various types of key events will fuel explosive traffic growth. Ensuring the secure and stable running of the networks brings a great number of challenges. Operators require network maintenance that is cost effective and have higher efficiency to ensure better network quality and to gradually evolve to intelligent and predictive maintenance which improves network competitiveness and ensures good user experience.

Huawei's Robust Network Service solutions, has been successfully applied in multiple projects in China, Europe, Latin America and others with the following key capabilities:

  • Innovation Lab
    By simulating and emulating carrier networks, use cases have been developed which provides end-to-end risk assessment and solution verification.
  • Intelligent Predictive System
    An automatic 360° assessment system with big data analysis and algorithms, the intelligent NetCare system provides network robustness assessment and risks prediction.
  • Vast Global Experience
    Maintaining 1500+ networks globally with ICT best practices and 3900+ experts that cover all technologies 7*24 service with fast response.
  • Industry Standard
    Cooperation with industry standards organizations to establish a Robust Network architecture standard and consolidate industry efforts to explore new digital technologies to create predictive intelligent network maintenance systems.