Data Center Cloud IT Infrastructure Integration


Data Center Cloud IT Infrastructure Integration

With the rapid growth of virtualization, cloud computing and big data, operator’s IT architecture is evolving to centralization and cloudification. Huawei provide efficient, agile and open data center solution to global customers, through the service platform all around the world and more than 1000 professional service teams. Huawei builds cloud data center from the view of end user, relying on leading consulting, business and IT collaborative design, reliable multi vendor integrated delivery and so on. Also, Huawei can provide unified cloud management platform for legacy IT resources, new data centers and public cloud to build a sustainable ITOE (IT Operation Environment), to provide flexible and elastic IT services for end user.

Customer Value



Based on OpenStack, compatible with the industry major vendors.



Business release period is shortened from months to weeks

简化运维高效运维 (2)

High Efficiency

Unified management, improve operation efficiency by 50%


End to End Service

End to end solution, full process support