LTE Integration


LTE Integration

The rapid development of the Internet, smart phones and demand for MBB data services are becoming higher and higher. The existing 2G/3G network operators cannot meet the demand for future massive data traffic and drive the rapid development of network operators to LTE evolution. How to build a high quality, excellent performance, better end user experience LTE network, enhance the brand competitiveness and improve investment returns are crucial. For LTE networking, Huawei provides network evaluation and planning, integrated design and implementation, E2E network optimization solutions, hotspot identification, accurate network planning, SOP based integrated process and collaborative optimization that can help operators improve investment efficiency, reduce TCO and improve end user experience.

Customer Value


Investment Efficiency Improvement

Hotspots identification and precise planning for ROI improvement


Smooth Evolution

Support LTE smooth evolution, ensure service quality and experience


Reduce TCO

Resource reuse and coordinated design for reducing cost


Fast Deployment

Fast deployment for short TTM