PCC Integration Service Solution


PCC Integration Service Solution

The Policy and Charging Control (PCC) Integrated Solution provides an end to end (E2E) solution which includes consultation, network analysis, policy design, policy implementation, policy verification, and impact evaluation. Based on an advanced tool and platform and Huawei's experience, the PCC solution adopts intelligent pipelines to provide a customized and optimal solution to operators. By using rigorous evaluation solutions to visualize the effect, operators additionally achieve higherefficiency in  traffic operation, to increase the business profit for each bit of traffic.

Solution highlights:

  • 10 GB+ data analysis.
  • 1000+ application identifications.
  • Most comprehensive customized solutions in the industry for more than 50 dimensions.
  • A professional team of 15 consulting experts and more than 150 system integration engineers.
  • Data migration of mainstream vendors.
  • Quick commercial use with twice the speed of the industry average.

Customer Value


Network Optimization

PCC integration service about policies of FUP, congest control, etc.


Revenue Increase Solution

PCC integration service about policies of quota sharing, promotion of in-house service, etc.


Supporting differentiated Traffic

PCC integration service about policies of VIP user guarantee, high-value service guarantee, traffic redirection/upgrade notices for users over their data quota, WLAN hotspot notification, etc.