Network Optimization Service


Network Optimization Service

Data and OTT services are provided across different systems, manufacturers, domains and interfaces; network optimization solution needs to correlate and analyze all these different data sources in order truly Optimize the complete network.

Network optimization solution is with the capability to help the operator to learn about their network status and network resource usage whilst provides professional services on network planning for future investment and organizational insights to formulate their operational policies. They are in detail:

  • Real-time network performance monitor capability to improve the timely response to alarm conditions
  • Future network resource bottleneck prediction in order to provide expansion suggestions
  • Insight and corrective measures to solve network problems

Huawei’s Network optimization service covers:

  • All wireless network technologies.
  • All network domains including the core network, IP network, transport network, and microwave network,
  • Any network vendors’ equipment; for both the mobile network and fixed network.

Huawei’s  Network optimization service provide the following:

  • Insight into the operator’s network status and network resource usage.
  • Professional suggestions on network planning and future investment requirements.
  • Data for operators to formulate their optimal network operational policies.
  • Locate potential network problems in order to prevent network performance deterioration,
  • Ensure network security and stability thereby enabling operators to focus on their core business.
  • Improve network resource utilization; increasing the return on investment for operators.
  • Improve the serviceability of the network.
  • Assure high network performance thereby improving customer satisfaction and enhancing the brand image.