Service Quality Management


Service Quality Management

As the end user becomes more sophisticated to does their expectations increase for reliability, quality and accessibility. As more and more operators realize the importance of transforming to user and service centric operation it poses new questions for the operator such as: How to improve the insight capability for service quality experience from end users’ perspective.

With Huawei years’ of experience working with Tier1 CSPs, providing service quality management services, allows us to bring industry best practice, methodology, skills, and tools to establish customer centric Service Operations Centers (SOC).

Establish, Operator & Transfer (EOT) methodology is part of Huawei SOC transformation consultancy business to provide a one-stop solution offering network-service-customer layered and associated operation and insight.

To establish the SOC at the center of the customer centric organization Huawei’s consultative services can support the Operator’s transformation by providing:

  • Full Maturity assessment to determine the current status and requirements of the operator to enable SOC transformation
  • User centric service operations transformation through our design, establish, operate and then transfer methodology
  • Establish Organizational interconnects to establish closed-loop processes, procedures and tool improvements
  • Establish SOC at the center of a User Centric organization