Site Integration Service


Site Integration Service

Huawei Site Integration Service offers operators an E2E solutions including planning and design, integration deployment, integration acceptance and project management in all scenarios. Our solutions include Site New Build Integration Service, Site Modernization Integration Service, OSP Integration Service and ODN Integration Service. 

Based on the deep understanding of the network and the existing network equipment deployment, Huawei Site Integration Service optimized site and route construction model to be best-fit for the active equipment, which assuring the network performance while the cost is well-controlled and lowering down the CAPEX. To overcome the future market competition, Huawei Site Integration Service provides capacity expansion, shareable energy saving solution for customer to improve the investment returns and achieve green operation.

Huawei Site Integration Service explore in various perspectives and promote the competitiveness of the solution by improving capability of planning and design, standardized delivery, smart tools and innovated solution:

Capability of planning and design: The industry-leading site design capability and professional team of development and designing fundamentally provides the site infrastructure integration solution of rapid delivery and high quality, through designing and integrated authentication; introducing the planning and design tool based on geographic information, optimizing site model, energy distribution and line planning, improving utilization of site facilities , utilization of energy and line reusability, which radically reduce the overall deliveries, avoiding delivery risks arose by defective design while reducing the energy costs.

Standardized delivery: Increasing the delivery efficiency and quality by continuous optimization of all scenarios baseline delivery SOP library and solidifying delivery processes and quality requirements;

Huawei site design specification provides site facilities delivery with standardized design and sizing basis, which help realizing the normalization of pyramid and site model, standardization of structural components and unification of delivery.

Professional team

  • 16 architect engineer
  • 100+ construction expert
  • 100+ solution development engineer
  • 300+ site design engineer
  • 1000+ project manager
  • 1500+ site implementation manager

Intelligent tools that can pull-through business process

  • Professional assessment design tools (SDA): Fast evaluation and analysis of site reinforcement to improve deploy efficiency and reduce evaluation cost
  • Site management tools (iSite): site information collection, sharing platform, configure delivery task, achieve progress monitoring, support project delivery and promote delivery efficiency
  • Materials management tools (MMT): end to end management of stock outbound to write off, relocated the rest rationally

Innovated solution

  • Rural area coverage solution

Follow “All-in-One” design concept, ensure the most compact site layout, covers an area of only 30% of traditional site, maximize investment savings .Counterweight design to avoiding excavation, Huawei unique patent inserted foundation design and pre-fabricated anchor plate, effectively improve the efficiency of construction. Using green energy, reduce on-site maintenance.