With the surge of HD and 4K video, over TByte per day content are created and delivered to the customer with high-quality experience. Subscribers' demand for premium video experience pose even higher requirements on the concurrent processing capabilities and capacity scales of networks.Traditional Silo CDN is difficult to manage various contents over the network. The market desperately needs a systematic and cost-effective solution which can well match the customer needs and adaptive the various content sources.Huawei uCDN solution provides a unified and intelligent content distribution platform. Its convergent architecture supports diversified CDNs such as IPTV CDN, OTT CDN, Cable CDN, eMBMS, Internet Cache, Mobile CDN, and B2B CDN.

Customer Value


Convergent CDN

Integrates various service capabilities and saves network investment costs, adopts loosely coupled hardware architecture to facilitate operators' capacity expansion, and enables B2B and B2C business models


Intelligent Media Policies

Flexible resource scheduling mechanism allows subscribers to quickly access media content and enjoy differentiated services. Intelligent routing algorithm decreases the content access delay and increases the network access speed


Cloud and NFV Compatible CDN

Huawei uCDN is compatible with cloud-bases structure and network functions virtualization (NFV) to improve resource utilization and quick service deployment, reducing service launch time


Visualized Service Quality Management

Huawei uCDN provides a business-oriented service quality control mechanism based on big data