SingleSON 960540

Huawei innovative SingleSON solution manages multi-RAT, multi-layer, and multi-vendor networks. It provides a number of proprietary features and functions by means of its professional wireless network experience in addition to the SON features defined in 3GPP specifications, including automatic neighbor relation (ANR), IDO, coverage and capacity optimization (CCO), and mobility load balancing (MLB):

  • Deeper collaboration with wireless solutions, reducing training costs and increasing investment returns;
  • Faster fault rectification, locating network problems within 3 minutes;
  • Higher accuracy, thanks to Huawei's in-depth understanding of wireless equipment and complete data sources.

As an industry leader, Huawei has initiated OSSii with other industrial players, and has signed northbound interface data sharing agreements with telecom operators including Ericsson and Nokia. Huawei SingleSON solution can precisely locate network problems and accurately optimize network performance based on complete data analysis.

Key Feature Introduction

  • Self-configuration

  • Huawei SingleSON integrates parameter self-planning into automatic configuration, which plans parameters, such as transmission parameters, radio parameters, and antenna parameters, of base stations. Each base station has thousands of parameters, which are difficult to be planned and configured manually. The SingleSON solution reduces network planning and deployment costs significantly through automatic planning and configuration of network parameters.

  • Self-optimization

  • Huawei SingleSON provides fast problem allocation and accurate optimization based on grid-level network analysis for the whole network or specific scenarios. It is able to increase network coverage, decrease traffic congestion and improve network KPI significantly.

  • Self-healing

  • Huawei SingleSON provides automatic cell fault management, including automatic detection and compensation of cell outage.