With rapid technological development, operators are requiring exponentially increasing demands on networks in an endeavor to meet the challenges of soaring data traffic. Insufficient capacity and weak coverage are proven to be factors that contribute to compromised user experience. Operators must seek a high-performance outdoor coverage solution that can be easily deployed to address heavy hotspot traffic and coverage holes.

Huawei offers an outdoor small cell designed for dense urban areas. The incorporation of its purposeful and sleek design allows the technology to blend effortlessly into its environment and surroundings. This feature offers operators a convenient, immediate solution to site acquisitions in urban areas by enabling it to be deployed on street poles.

Huawei also offers the industry's first multimode multiband micro base station, AtomCell. It features high integration, small dimensions, light weight, and plug-and-play support. It enables easy site acquisition, project engineering, and smooth 3G-to-4G evolution helping operators to reduce TCO.

Key Features Introduction

  • Accurate coverage and macro/micro coordination to improve user experience.
  • Seamless blending into its native surroundings to ease site acquisition in urban areas.
  • High integration and support for multiband multimode features to promote smooth evolution and expansion.
  • Support for diverse backhaul solutions and eased site acquisition to achieve fast deployment.
  • Scalability and support for LAA features to accommodate various scenarios.