GU Modernization Solution

GU Modernization Solution

With the rapid development of wireless communication technologies, legacy Equipments fail to be upgraded smoothly, require high OPEX, and the network capacity cannot meet growing service requirements. The Huawei GU Modernization Solution completes transformations from legacy OM to single OM, from single-mode to multi-mode base stations, and from TDM/ATM to all-IP transmission. This solution helps carriers reduce OPEX, improve network capacity, and achieve a smooth evolution required by new technologies.

Customer Value


Smooth Evolution

New sites support advanced GSM technological evolution and UL smooth evolution


Higher Capacity

With excellent performance, the BSC6910 and 3900 series base stations effectively improve network capacity


Improved Reliability

New products produce network upgrades, significantly improving network reliability


Lower OPEX

GU restructuring drastically decreases TCO